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News Center Maine did a great story about one particular Mainer who is hoping the generosity of other Mainers might save his life. Here in Maine, we have more registered organ donors than any other New England state, according to the New England Donor Service.

Chad O'Malley needs a kidney.

Chad O'Malley
Chad O'Malley


Right now, more than 6,500 people in New England await life-saving organ transplants, according to New England Donor Services. Chad is one of those thousands.

Chad O'Malley is 42 years old from Lyman and needs a kidney transplant. He's known for the past five years that his kidneys were failing. Two years ago, he learned he had Stage 5 kidney disease. He spoke to News Center Maine about the day he found out the bad news.

The doctor told me I needed to put a catheter in and start kidney dialysis.


Now, three times a week, Chad has to go to Biddeford for kidney dialysis. It takes hours and prevents him from traveling. Chad would love a new lease on life and for his wife too. They recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary.

Chad's wife Melanie wanted to give the love of her life one of her kidneys and went through the trials to see if she was a match. Unfortunately, Melanie has some veins leading to her kidney and those don't allow her to be a donor for Chad. It was devastating news.

Are you a donor? I hope so, a single donor can change the lives of up to 50 people. It's completely voluntary, but the state really encourages everyone to say yes. The spokesperson for the New England Donor Service says you are more likely to need a transplant than ever become an organ donor. You can literally save someone's life. Head to RegisterME to sign up.

Chad is O negative and can only have a transplant from someone who is also O blood, positive or negative. If you're a match for Chad O'Malley and would like to change his life by donating a kidney, email:



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