Metallica like to test their audience's reaction to St. Anger on the road, with singer-guitarist James Hetfield showing a good sense of humor about some fans' opposition to the 2003 Metallica album.

In one such instance from earlier this year, a chorus of boos erupted when Hetfield asked a concert crowd about it, according to Metal Hammer.

After all, St. Anger is arguably Metallica's most controversial studio effort. The album is contentious with Metallica fans not because of its lyrical content, however, but due to the musical direction the veteran metal band took with it. Ringing snare drums, no guitar solos and filthy dirty guitar riffs all combine to make a Metallica album like no other.

Watch the videos down toward the bottom of this post.

"Question for you," Hetfield asks the audience in one clip. "You can honestly answer it to the best of your knowledge. St. Anger?" As he gauges response with thumbs up and thumbs down gestures, the rock star receives loud boos amid the cheering crowd.

In another video, Hetfield sarcastically tells the audience, "That's from your favorite album, St. Anger." But seemingly spying a suggestive detractor among the throng, he adds, "Aw, come on, it's growing on you now. Just give it a little more time, buddy — you'll get it!"

The Metallica singer then jokes, "Alright…eight more songs from St. Anger."

In July, a Metallica song inclusion in the Netflix hit Stranger Things 4 gave the group a big boost in popularity. On the season's finale, character Eddie Munson performs the band's "Master of Puppets" in a particularly pivotal scene. Metallica subsequently welcomed new fans before some of them seemingly attempted to "cancel" the group.

Metallica recently finished up the majority of their summer 2022 tour dates and will play the Global Citizen Festival in New York later this month. Check for Metallica concert tickets here.

"James Hetfield Reaction When the Crowd Boos St. Anger Live (2022)"

"James Hetfield vs. St. Anger Hater Live (2022)"

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