It may have been lost in the Red Sox very impressive 9th straight victory last night, but Mookie Betts busted perhaps the season's best celebratory dance.

As the Red Sox keep steamrolling their way towards the playoffs, the outfielders continue to create lasting memories for fans simply because of their creative celebrations. Earlier this season, Jackie Bradley Jr., Mookie Betts and whomever roamed left field at the time, whether it be Brock Holt, Chris Young or Andrew Benintendi, got together after every Red Sox victory for a short celebratory dance.

Lately, the Sox outfielders have been getting a little more creative. Against Toronto, Bradley Jr. busted out a downhill skiing dance, just a few days ago, Benintendi busted out a Michael Jackson dance, and last night Mookie Betts took the cake, by giving us all his rendition of the "Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

If you're not familiar with that amazing dance, here's a quick refresher:


And if you missed Mookie delivering his version, here it is courtesy of Jared Carrabis on Twitter. (Complete with Tom Jones music and everything!)

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