"Hey Mother Nature, you ready for some pumpkin spice, a little apple picking and some comfy pants and slippers?"


Looks like you might want to keep all those best laid fall plans on hold because another swift dose of brutal heat and humidity will be delivered to our doorsteps in Maine all through next week. While it IS technically still summer, once Labor Day weekend hits, native Mainers firmly expect temperature drops and a shift in seasons. Not this year.

Next week could feature at least a couple days where temps once again cross the 90 degree threshold. Dew points, which are an indicator of humidity, will once again be in the 70's, meaning uncomfortable working and sleeping conditions as well.

So yes, even though you're absolutely tired of that air conditioner hanging out of your window, you're probably going to need it, at least for one more week. Hang in there fall lovers, it'll be here soon. We think.

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