Part of the fun of My Chemical Romance's return is seeing how the symbolism-heavy outfit rolls out their 2020 plans. We got a new taste over the weekend with a teaser video entitled "The Offering" which pays off with a new show announcement, but more importantly serves up a new instrumental for listeners.

The music is more somber in nature, starting with acoustic guitar, but building in intensity with additional string instruments added to the mix. The track's slow build matches the intensity of what's happening on screen, with the song cutting out at its peak following a chant.

As for the action, it's a payoff of teases that started on social media the first week of January. It centers on a hooded figure making his way through foggy forest, eventually joining up with his hooded cohorts as they reach their destination of a pentagram in the forest. One of the figures pulls out a knife and plunges it into the symbol before the screen goes black to reveal the June 20 performance date at the Milton Keynes Stadium in the U.K.

It should be noted that some of the cloaked figures sported symbols on their robes, symbols that fans had deciphered earlier in the month had come from the Theban alphabet and pointed to the word "June."

There has been no word as of yet concerning new music for the band's 2020 return, but the instrumental piece should no doubt whet the appetite of fans. The Milton Keynes performance will be the band's first in the U.K. since announcing their reunion late last year. Tickets for the show are expected to go on sale this Friday (Jan. 24) for the stadium show.

It was recently revealed that the group netted just shy of $1.5 million from their December 2019 reunion return at The Shrine in Los Angeles. Stay up to date with the band's touring here.

My Chemical Romance, "An Offering"

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