The natural phenomenon that swept the globe last winter looks like it may have a sequel in store for us in 2020. Last winter, people literally visited Westbrook from across the globe to observe an incredibly large, well-structured, rotating ice disk sitting in the Presumpscot River. That sudden attraction was thought to be a one time deal, but according to the City of Westbrook, the ice disk may be reforming like Megatron to save us all from winter boredom again.

In their Facebook post, Westbrook proclaims that while ice disk 2020 hasn't quite formed itself into a perfect circle quite yet, it's development over the past few days has been impressive. In fact, the seagulls are already hopping on the ice disk for a nice, relaxing ride.

There's no way of telling whether or not ice disk 2020 will form into the same well oiled machine ice disk 2019 was. But if it does, it's likely going to draw even more attention for the conspiracy theorists who believed it was a portal into another dimension. Are Rick and Morty going to pop out of ice disk 2020 and play a horrible gag on all of us? Probably not but we should all keep it under consideration.

With a storm set to hit Saturday and a forecast filled with sub-freezing temperatures to follow, ice disk 2020 has a chance to really make it. Let's do this thing Westbrook.

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