Guitarist Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory has bested cancer once again. The musician confirmed on Thursday (Sept. 15) that the tumor found in his spine last month was surgically removed by doctors this week.

Last year, the pop-punk rocker had successful surgery on a similar tumor affecting his adrenal gland and liver.

The type of cancer in both instances, pheochromocytoma, is a rare kind of tumor that can originate in the adrenal system. As a result of this week's surgery, the New Found Glory member and former Shai Hulud lead vocalist now has an artificial disc in his spine. He'll continue radiation treatments but otherwise explained that the cancer is gone.

Gilbert says, "I was supposed to start radiation on Monday for the small amount of Pheochromocytoma left in my T-12 Vertebrae! A few days before that I started having the worst hip pain! Excruciating. So bad I couldn't sit longer than 10 minutes or sleep longer than 2 hours at a time because of the pain. I was standing up all night for several days. Awful. Was having to watch TV standing up."

He continues, "So on Tuesday I went to the hospital for an MRI of my hip! Good news: my hip was fine. Bad news: the tumor in my spine started growing again in the wrong direction and got aggressive very quickly. So by noon yesterday I was in surgery again! It lasted 6 hours this time and they removed the rest of my T-12 vertebrae! I now have a fake vertebrae! Good news is we cut out the entire tumor now! That whole bastard got the boot!"

Gilbert adds, "So the cancer in my spine is gone! We will still hit it with light radiation just to be thorough for any microscopic invisible ones. But this battle has been won. No more tumor. And I continue to turn into Robochad."

See the guitarist's full update to fans on social media down below. Loudwire wishes Gilbert all of the best in his recovery.

New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert Health Update - Sept. 15, 2022

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