Let's face it, 2020 has been a bust. Especially for high school seniors.


There hasn't been a lot for seniors to be happy about. One postal delivery driver in New Hampshire wanted to change that for seniors on his route.



WMUR9 reports that Josh Crowell, a mailman in Bow, New Hampshire went out of his way to make seniors a little happier.

When on his route, he would see signs for seniors on some lawns. Those are the houses he would leave a graduation card with a note and a Dunkin gift card.

What a sweet gesture. He told WMUR9,

I think it’s sad. It’s a hard time that we’re going through right now. So, I wanted to try to lift their spirits a little bit.


One of the graduates, Lydia Gialluca, said that it meant the world to her. Knowing someone was thinking about her, meant a lot in such a messed up year.

For Josh, he doesn't even know any of the students personally, but has already gotten some thank you notes - including Lydia. Josh says that his route changes sometimes, and he might not be done.

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