Talk about a great way to get people purring about your brand-new college.

Vermont State University recently had its first ever graduation. The class of 2024 was the first to walk across the stage for this fledgling school that was first established in 2023, after three small colleges merged together.

It was an exciting graduation for the graduates, parents, and faculty. There's nothing like watching the next generation spread their wings and get ready for that next step in life.

While Vermont State's graduation seemed like your standard ceremony, there was one extra, non-traditional graduate who truly took home all the honors...and probably some head scratches, too.

Folks, say hello to the most popular graduate in the Vermont State Class of 2023, Dr. Max Dow.

That's right, Dr. Max Dow, the cat. They gave this cat a doctorate. Excuse me while I go through my college degree in the trash.

I'm kidding! I actually love this story. Dr. Max Dow, or Max the Cat, has been a fixture in the community for years. The cat is known for being friendly with students and is quite the popular boy. Honestly, this cat probably spends more time on his college campus than I did on mine. No wonder it took me five years to graduate.

Dr. Max Dow received his honorary doctorate degree in "Litter-arature." You can laugh, but it's still more valuable than the majority of liberal arts degrees, so, points go to Max.

This is quite a smart move by Vermont State, which I'm sure can use all the good publicity it can get, especially being such a new university. It's also a great way to connect with the community in a fun manner.

Congratulations to Dr. Max Dow on his degree. This once again proves that cats are smarter than you think. Meanwhile, I'm literally watching my cat lick its own butt, while I type this article.

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