The dispute centered on the man's belief he was in an Uber and not in an actual cab. Whoops!Daryl Dixon he is not. A man, who police say was intoxicated, was arrested over the weekend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire after threatening an unsuspecting cab driver with his hunting bow while they were disputing payment for the ride home.Those threats and that weapon ended up getting the man arrested.

According to WMTW, the dispute between the cabbie and the New Hampshire man was over a fare that was less than $10. But the man was adamant that he had already paid and that the cab driver was in fact an Uber driver. The cab driver explained that he was not an Uber driver and if the man didn't pay, he'd be forced to call the police. That's when the threat level intensified.

The man walked into his property and returned with what was described as a hunting bow, pointing it at the cab driver. Police later reported that the hunting bow had no arrows in it and ultimately the man was just posturing. However, police responded to the scene and the man was arrested. He faces charges of criminal threatening and theft of services.


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