You've probably heard us hit the shuffle button a few times here and there throughout the day. Recently the idea came to bring it to the next level by hitting the shuffle button EVERY song....for 12 hours...every weekday next week....with NO REPEATS! Make sure you're tuned in from 8a-8p weekdays next week cuz you never know what you're gonna hear. Will Slipknot play into Jack Johnson? It's possible. Will you hear three Limp Bizkit songs in a row? Odds are no, but it could happen. Will you hear fun novelty songs like Tangerine Speedo, Teenage Dirtbag and Hey Mister? Likely. Will you hear a Celine Dion Christmas song sung in French? No...these are songs strictly from the library that CYY has built over the past 20 years. Maybe during Markathon.

Get ready for a fun week of nostalgic tunes from the years gone by, with NO repeats starting Monday morning at 8am!