After a summer filled with sunshine and abnormally warm temperatures here in Maine, Mother Nature is apparently ready to take us to the other extremes. Forecasters have begun to float the idea that a Nor'Easter could be headed our way for this weekend. But what exactly will that bring this time of year? Glad, you asked.

It's likely to be a mostly rain event, with periods of sleet and snow mixed in for coastal communities. But for parts of central Maine, and communities near the mountains, the storm could be a heavy dose of legit snow, up to 8 inches. And everyone say a few kind words for northern Maine, early forecasts have the storm potentially dropping a foot of the white stuff on their doorstep. All of this BEFORE Halloween. Come on, man.

That's not to say the coast is completely off the hook. If atmospheric conditions take a turn for the cold, the shovels and boots could have to be taken out of storage much earlier than anticipated. 2-3 inches of snow is well within the realm of possibility, just enough to remind all of us that this sucks.

So hey, remember when it was 85 degrees and we were all wearing shorts and dipping our feet in the ocean? Those were the days.


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