Old Orchard Beach is having a really stinky year. Earlier in the summer, there were reports that OOB was looking to remedy an ongoing issue of people taking dumps all over the place around town because of the lack of bathrooms. And now, according to the Bangor Daily News, OOB is looking to tackle another problem you probably never knew existed, horses taking dumps all over the beach in the offseason.

Perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration, as Old Orchard Beach isn't exactly a horse haven. But in case you were unaware, horses are permitted to walk the beach from October 1st to March 31st. Permits are required to do so, and soon, diapers may be part of the equation.

Horse diapers, aka manure containment bags, are already a requirement in neighboring Scarborough. Currently, Old Orchard Beach only has an ordinance that requires horse owners who ride the beach to pick up after their horse, similar to a dog. Not doing so could result in a fine. Requiring a horse diaper could alleviate the difficulty in policing the issue.

And we know you're thinking it, but no, the lack of public restrooms for horses is not the problem. Old Orchard Beach won't make a final decision on horse diapers until a later date.

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