Even though we don't know what it means, "Covfefe" is taking the internet, and thusly, the country, by storm. First incoherently tweeted by President Trump a couple days ago, theories as to what it means, and of course, memes, have been clogging everyone's news feed. Now though, it looks like the "Covfefe" obsession is already making its way onto our physical lives.

According to a report by WCSH-6, one Mainer struck while the iron was hot and claimed the "Covfefe" vanity plate for his car. We have to commend him for his initiative and timing! However, we agree with Amanda Hill - with how long fads like this are lasting these days, this joke might be tired and done in, we don't know, a few days? Watch Channel 6's video below:

While we appreciate the jest in which this plate was claimed, we're seriously glad that it's this Trump quote, and not some of the more offensive ones, to make their way onto our neighbor's cars.

What do you think of this vanity plate? Do you have any ideas for others? Let us know in the comments!

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