Someone at Zippia (probably a tequila drinker) took the trouble to put together a list of the states that love the Mexican blue agave liquor the most. The researchers collected information on the buying habits of alcohol drinkers and the number of tequila bottles consumed per adult in all 50 U.S. states.

Only one New England state made the top ten list of "States That Drink The Most Tequila." Can you guess which state it is?

It is the Granite State. New Hampshire ranked at number 7 on the list. That's pretty impressive considering Texas is number 6, and Texans love tequila (or so we've been told).

Here are the other states that made the top ten list:

(1) Nevada
(2) Colorado
(3) Arizona
(4) California
(5) Maryland
(6) Texas
(7) New Hampshire
(8) New Mexico
(9) Alaska
(10) Missouri and Hawaii tied for tenth place.

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