Bingas has a long history of interesting signage, but their latest sign isn't a funny thought or joke, but instead a question. Perhaps inspired by Cinco De Mayo being a couple of weeks away or just someone's strange thought process, Binga's asked this:

Reddit via dubba_kinD
Reddit via dubba_kinD

Shared on Reddit by dubba_kinD, this sign would be easy to laugh at and write off as something silly, we thought we should probably search for an answer. So here's the verdict: You shouldn't put any alcohol in your humidifier unless you're cleaning it. Putting something like tequila or vodka and turning on your humidifier could start a fire and/or damage the humidifier permanently.

Then again, if you're thinking about doing this, you're probably not worried about the damage to a humidifier. If you're ultra committed to breathing in tequila, there's ultrasonic humidifiers that have been created almost for the sole purpose of what Binga's is asking about.

So the answer is....YES, yes you can. IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT HUMIDIFIER AND ARE 100 PERCENT CERTAIN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. How's that? Everyone good?

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