In a world where people are ALWAYS watching, the old school tradition of senior pranks has certainly seen creativity crater in the past decade or so. But that didn't stop the kids from a small high school in New Hampshire from at least giving an effort, and in academic terms when it comes to pranks, they're getting all A's from us.

Heads up on some NSFW language:

Reddit via Tuscon12
Reddit via Tuscon12

According to NH1, some members of the senior class decided to have a little fun with the name of their high school. Located in Peterborough, Contoocook Valley Regional High School had a name transformation last Cock Vagina High School. School officials rolled in at 6am Friday morning and quickly removed the alteration to the name, but not before it was etched in time, thanks to the power of the internet and Reddit.

This senior prank certainly beats cherry bombing the toilets, and also allows the rest of the country, including us here in Maine, to enjoy the efforts of a group of seniors who wanted to go out with one more laugh. One last chance to say, I graduated from Cock Vagina High School...there's just not many other people who can say that. You're right. You're damn right.

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