Does Maine Have Jellyfish?

You bet we do.

I grew up in Southern Maine but I never thought about having jellies in our waters. I always considered Maine a safe haven away from natural disasters, poisonous species, and other daunting things that just felt like they should be elsewhere, not here. Ignorance, really.

I used to jump off ferry docks and not think about getting stung by a jellyfish or dive off an anchored boat and not have one thought about a shark. Now, I’m shaking every time I step into the ocean and it’s not just from the freezing temps.

What Types of Jellyfish Does Maine Have?

Well, according to Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance, Maine has a few different species of jellies in its waters: comb, moon, and lion’s mane. Pretty badass names for some crazy creatures.

When I first became aware that Maine even had any jellyfish at all, I was walking on the beach and saw a blob in the sand and that was my great awakening. But it was a small little thing and looked harmless, so although I was stunned, I didn’t let it ruin my day.

I've seen posts since that day showing incredible jellyfish that have been spotted in Maine. I am talking about jellyfish that are so insane looking, I thought they were fake.

These are very, very real.

Massive Lion's Mane Jellyfish Washes on Shore in Maine

Turns out, lion's mane jellyfish are freaking MASSIVE!

Just to make my fear even worse, a Mainer posted on Facebook recently showing a huge lion's mane jelly that washed up on shore in Blue Hill, Maine, on March 25, 2023.

I can't embed her post into this article but you can check it out on the Maine Wildlife Facebook page right here. Trust me, you're going to want to click that link.

These bad boys are the largest jellyfish in the world and their 1,200 stinging tentacles can grow more than 100 feet, longer than a blue whale.

The local shared that she has seen a lot of these jellies washing up on shore recently, so I guess I won't be swimming in the ocean this summer.

Imagine being up close to this thing in the water?!

Holy CRAP!

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