Time for another round of Great Vanity License Plates from Maine! All of these come from Morgan's Vanity of Maine Instagram page.

Keep in mind that you can say ANYTHING on your Maine vanity plate. There are zero restrictions and Mainers certainly take advantage of THAT!

As we poured over the hundreds of new plates on Morgan's page, we came upon our very favorite (so far) of the summer of 2019

This wasn't our #1 but it was a runner up. Make sure you get plenty of lobbies this summer!


Semper Fi!


Of course, the fighter pilot drives a Mustang!



This also got a runner-up award. Funny. Sexy. And 100 Mainah.


...is exactly what we said when we saw this badass vehicle.


The Silver Medal goes to this person for letting us know the deal.  Funny!



And our favorite Maine vanity plate of the summer (so far) goes to this Patriots fan. It might take you just a smidge to get it but when you do, I think you'll agree!

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