The horrific tragedy in Orlando has inspired emotions from people worldwide. It's still how unclear how any human being could justify murdering 49 others in a cold and senseless killing. Within those emotions being stirred, people have taken to social media to share their opinions on everything from religion, to sexual preference to guns and gun control. Enter in the owner of the Foreside Tavern in Falmouth.

As seen below, the Facebook post (which has since been taken down) was captured by a DJ for radio station 92 Moose. The post discusses the owner's thoughts and feelings about guns, particularly high powered rifles, and how he cannot allow people who support ownership of those firearms to enter his restaurants any longer. It's a strong stand by a business owner, one you rarely see in today's overwhelmingly quick-to-judge social media world. Backlash can come swift and furiously, and that's exactly what happened.

Hours after the post went public, enraged gun owners began piling on the owner. Everything from threats to purposely bad reviews have been left on the Foreside Tavern Facebook page. As stated above, the owner has removed the initial post that caused some much vitriol to be spewed, however has recently posted that he stands by his comments.

So here's the question, should an owner of a business post something like this on social media? And if they do, do other people (whether they're patrons or not) have the right to attack that owner for their views by writing false reviews? Should we all have respect for each other's opinions whether we agree or not?

In a trying time, perhaps this is a snapshot into how we truly treat each other. What do you  think?