Cousins Island in Yarmouth, Maine

Having grown up in Southern Maine, I have my list of favorite spots to relax outdoors when weather permits. I love strolls around Mackworth Island, hikes through Wolfe’s Neck Park, and days spent on the water at Cousins Island.

I am an avid kayaker and recent newbie biker with most of my time spent in the waters and on the roads of Yarmouth. My grandparents have lived near the water for years and I have always oohed and ahhed at the glorious mansions and waterfront estates, dying to know what they could possibly look like inside.

While I can’t just go knock on their doors and say, “hey! Let me look around your house!”, I can go to real estate websites and take a peek at estates for sale, just to give me a taste.

Home for Sale in Yarmouth, Maine

I seldom find homes near me for sale so I was excited to find a recent home listing that I actually biked by the other day. I discovered the Chebeague ferry parking lot down on Cousins Island and was giddy to find a new kayak launch spot.

After a quick peruse on, I actually found a home right by there for sale and now we can all look inside and see what these waterfront estates are all about.

Private access to the water, your very own boat ramp and dock, uninterrupted views of Casco Bay from every room, this home is a piece of local paradise right in Yarmouth. You may be familiar with the public coast of Cousins Island, but here’s a peek inside a private estate.

Peek Inside a Stunning Waterfront Estate for Sale on Cousins Island in Yarmouth, Maine

Virtually walk into a slice of local paradise.

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