One of the great unanswered questions for the living beings of Earth is...are we alone? Some people believe yes and others say it couldn't be possible. As far back as the Stone Age, early humans scribed perceived visits from other worldly beings on cave walls. So what to believe? Often times, it takes seeing to believe. Will this change your mind?

Shared on Facebook by Slim Splitlip, an odd sight was spotted in the sky over the weekend in Bethel. A blue orb, seemingly with multiple parts and layers to it, was photographed by Keith Behan. Once the photo was shared on social media, the opinion seemed to be split on what exactly people were looking at.

On one hand, you have the naysayers. People firmly standing by that the photo was the result of some sort of reflection or camera-related issue. But there were plenty of believers that commented, one of whom claimed that this wasn't the first sighting in Bethel to be documented.

According to UFO Hunters, another sighting in Bethel occurred back in June of 2009. The sighting itself was similar, with an orb-like object spotted in the sky. That account did not specify if the orb itself had any color or hue to it however.

So do you believe? Should we call in Mulder and Scully immediately? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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