People statewide are rushing to their local grocery stores and grabbing anything they can in anticipation of this massive storm. 

Did you dare go to your local grocery store today? If you did, chances are you ran into at least one aisle where there were a lot of products missing. Photos have been popping up all over social media where people are finding no bread, no milk, no eggs or just insanely long lines in anticipation over this giant storm that could drop as much as 2 feet upon us.

Looking to indulge in some fruit while you're all snowed in? Nope. Sorry!

Hope you've got a couple hours to kill because the lines are longer than Disney World in some stores...

So what do you do if all the bread and milk is gone? Stock up on whatever you can grab people! This is Maine, we'll be dug out of 2-3 feet of snow in no time, sit back, watch a couple movies and crush junk food while you can. This too shall pass.

Cindy Haskell
Cindy Haskell

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