The man had been asking management at two different Walmarts in western Maine to pick up the trash before it ended up in the Androscoggin River.

Tony Bennett, no, not the 96-year-old singer best known for the smash hit "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", but a man who resides in Bethel, had been asking management at the two Walmart Supercenters in Mexico and Oxford for three years to pick up the unsightly and fair amount of trash with no results. Both of the Walmarts are located right beside the Androscoggin River, which was Mr. Bennett's main concern.

So yesterday, Mr. Bennett decided to pick up the trash at the Mexico location himself, according to

"I can’t walk away from it anymore," he told the Sun Journal. "I’m not gonna let corporate Walmart s**t all over Oxford County, Maine. They can do it to the rest of the country and the rest of the world but they’re not doing it here on my watch."

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After viewing a 100-foot line of trash containing things like used face masks and dirty diapers that looked like it had been purposely raked down the river embankment and into the leaves and other debris there, Mr. Bennett dug right in.

Until Walmart employees took notice and asked him to leave. Which he didn't do.

At that point Mexico police were called to the scene to escort him off the property.

The store manager informed everyone then that the corporate office in Arkansas had been informed and that they would hire a company to clean up the trash, but he didn't know when. Later that morning, employees of the Oxford Walmart began to pick up the trash littered over the property there.

It may have taken three years, but it looks as though Maine's Tony Bennett created a cleanly chain reaction of sort.

"I got other s**t that I should be spending time on," he told the Sun Journal.

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