As the weather turns colder, and the snow in some parts of Maine over the weekend drove home the point, restaurants and bars throughout the state are going to attempt to find ways to keep people coming back to their establishments safely. Outdoor dining has been the genesis of survival during the summer, so how do you keep the tables filled and warm as the temperatures plummet? The Bar of Chocolate in Portland's Old Port believes you give them fire.

Shared on Facebook by the Bar of Chocolate, they've decided to install tables in their outdoor dining area fitted with individual fire pits. The bar still suggests that guests bring warm clothing and a blanket to fight off the chill, but having your own personal fire pit while sipping on an espresso martini and having a piece of cake certainly sounds like a good way to fight off the freeze.

This type of table works perfectly for a dessert bar but would it work for other restaurants in Portland? All outdoor dining will soon be at mother nature's mercy, and even the tiniest fire pits could produce enough heat to drag a few more people out for dinner and drinks before a winter hibernation.

Interesting idea and another creative way to combat what has been the strangest of years.

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