We're set to get 1-3" of snow tonight. Is that parking ban material? Here's a link to all the info you need to know if you're planning to be in town Tuesday night! 


A 10pm parking ban is no joke.

When you call for a parking ban you must keep in mind... people in town at concerts, movies, business dinners and first dates. People trying to bring business to our city. Of course, what about the people trying to make a living. People can't lose out on work for barely three inches of snow!?! The ground was dry today at 3pm and we're not set to get much at all around these parts. Parking Ban tonight? 10pm start too?

A parking ban for such a small amount of snow, around here, seems to be the work of an itchy trigger finger. Hey, we all want to be safe, travel clean roads and have our places of business easily accessible for customers. Everyone can agree on that. We just need to realize the other side of the story. They deserve consideration too. Not everyone has a budget to easily draw from.