One of the most popular trends in the restaurant business over the last several years has been the phrase "farm-to-table". The idea behind it is simple: local farms produce the food that is purchased by local restaurants who then whip up an incredible meal and serve it to you. One restaurant in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, has taken that phrase literally, and is serving upscale meals while being located on a 122-acre farm.

Facebook via The Well {at Jordan's Farm}
Facebook via The Well {at Jordan's Farm}

It's called the Well at Jordan's Farm, and features one of the most dynamic dining concepts available in the Portland area. The restaurant is reservations-only, allowing the chef to properly prepare and cater the menu to the number of guests the restaurant will welcome each day.

The guests that are visiting the Well at Jordan's Farm will have some interesting and intriguing seating options as well. There's the Chef's Porch table, which seats one to four people. Perhaps the more intriguing seating options though are the private gazebos. There's a smaller gazebo, meant for three to six guests in a cozier setting. There's also a larger private gazebo meant for six to 12 guests.

The larger gazebo comes with another perk beyond the privacy. Groups can choose to stick with the daily chef's tasting menu or opt for a specialized family-style menu.

For fans of restaurants like the Lost Kitchen, there's a similar idea behind the service at the Well at Jordan's Farm. There's a fixed price for a five-course meal. Almost all of what will be served on the chef's menu is sourced at Jordan's Farm or surrounding farms in the area. The restaurant is currently accepting reservations. The Well at Jordan's Farm opens for the season on June 1.


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