This is Lakeside Manor and You've Probably Seen It From the Water

This property is often admired from the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee.  The selling price is $19,500,000.00.  That's approximately $50,000. per month mortgage, not including property taxes.  I always felt pretty special in my rented pontoon until we sail by this puppy.  Just stunning.

This is Waterfront Property At It's Best

All the times that I've sailed past the property, I've wondered about the luxury that it must be inside.  What views I would see if I were living inside of this incredible property with 17,245 square feet of living space.

Take a Peek Inside and Around the Property Itself

The house also comes with 841 feet of shoreline to call your own.  37 rooms, four floors with elevators, 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a really cool custom-built 8-bed bunk bedroom for the kids.  All the kids!  Every kind of room you could need.  An office, a sunroom a spa, sauna, gym, game room, WINE TASTING ROOM, a HEATED 6 CAR GARAGE, (just put me in the garage, I'll be fine....)  I mean, the list goes on and on.  I would never leave, seriously.

Where Shall You Put Your RV?

There's a place for that too.  The property comes with a 36x50 barn so you can store your RV.  In case you get sick of being in the house, which I can't imagine, but whatever.

This House Has Unlimited Imagination

Truly, this is a magical place.  The current owner has upgraded the security and all other automation in the house.  I don't even know what that could be.  Maybe when you walk in the door, the house breaks out into song!  "Welcome home!"  And releases butterflies and virtual puppies that never, ever pee on the floor, and you never have to walk!  They are just adorable every time you walk in!  That's what I'd want in an automated house.  Plus a lot of cats.  So many cats.

Anyway, check out the pics and .... DREAM!!

Private Theater? Elevator? This Waterfront New Hampshire Home Is Luxurious Fun

This waterfront home nicknamed “Lakeside Manor” is located at 144 Springfield Point Road in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and listed by Jamieson Duston of Bean Group / Portsmouth. Take a peek inside.

Here's The Address and the Listing

144 Springfield Point Road, Wolfeboro, NH and to find out more, check out this listing here.  

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