Turner LP Gas has come under scrutiny for mixing business with politics, leaving Trump supporters swarming with angry outbursts at the small company. 

"If you voted for Donald Trump, I will no longer be delivering your gas. Please find someone else" is the message available for customers on the Turner LP Gas voicemail left by the company's owner Michael Turner. The small business, located in Skowhegan, is now facing significant backlash for the political stance.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Michael Turner actually recorded the voicemail on election night but the media only became aware of it over the weekend. Since then, he received dozens of voicemails from angry people decrying his company. But Turner was unrelenting in his thoughts on Trump, "I think he's the Antichrist".

The bashing of Turner LP Gas hasn't stopped at visceral voicemails though. If you search the company name on Facebook, you'll find a page called DUMP Turner LP Gas. The page is dedicated to customers dumping Turner LP Gas in favor of one of its competitors. Despite Michael Turner stating he would never not deliver to anyone who was freezing, the Facebook page states otherwise. Some of the comments on the page are both distasteful and concerning.

Turner understands that he's likely rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Voting numbers show that nearly 60% of the population in Skowhegan voted for Trump. But Turner isn't afraid of this ending his business. He plans on retiring soon and perhaps jumping into the world of politics himself.

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