Donald Trump

LePage Makes Wild Comments
Governor Paul LePage has left people stunned when he compared the removal of Confederate statues to the potential removal of monuments to 9/11 heroes and victims.
Stephen King Gets Blocked
Make no mistake, Stephen King is not a fan of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. King has repeatedly responded to Trump's tweets with snarky replies and King's followers have been eating it up. But one would assume the critique and criticism from a well-known author comes with the territory if you're the President, but not so if you're President Trump...
Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech Was Totally Lifted From ‘Dark Knight’ Villain Bane
At some point we’re all going to have to stop asking, “Is this real life?! Is this really happening right now?!” The daily proliferation of surreal news headlines will never feel normal (nor should they), but it’s the frequency our country is operating at now, and it will likely continue at this pitch for the next four years, which officially kicked off today. In the latest episode of The Surreal Life, Donald Trump basically plagiarized Bane, Tom Hardy’s mush-mouthed villain from The Dark Knight Rises, in his inauguration speech.

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