Anne was having lunch in her car, when she saw a woman and a dog in the same parking lot. But she quickly figured out, that she was living in her car.


Anne shared with me what she witnessed and I asked if it was okay to share with you:

Today, I was eating lunch in my car in South Portland.  There was a car parked nearby with a young woman and her dog in it.  It was obvious they were living in the car.  I sat there eating my burger, wondering what I could do to help. A car pulled up, a woman got out with a large bag of dog food, a bag of groceries and bottles of water. The young woman was clearly extremely thankful and the dog was wagging and jiggling around the car.  Before the woman got back in her car to drive away, she took her jacket off and gave it to the young woman.
I feel lucky to have witnessed such an act of kindness.  It certainly brings you back down to earth and make you realize that you should not sweat the small stuff.
I asked Anne if I could share her story for a couple of reasons. To share such a remarkable act of kindness, and to hopefully spark more people to stop and help.
Anne Sullivan
Anne Sullivan
It seems so easy to tear each other apart, but when you think of it - it's just as easy to help and be nice.
Anne did give the woman all the cash she had on her and dog treats she found in her car...



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