That's a terrible way to go...a Red Lobster in Virginia?


Thank god some employees at the Red Lobster restaurant in Manassas saw that this lobster looked pretty unique and rescued it before it ended up next to a pile of cheddar biscuits!

CNN reported that the male calico lobster they named Freckles, got to the Manassas Red Lobster in late April as part of their Maine lobster delivery. It was confirmed that it was indeed a 1 in 30 million calico lobster! We have had reports of calico lobsters caught (and released) in Maine. This poor bastard is probably the same one!

Red Lobster Facebook
Red Lobster Facebook

Calico lobsters are the third rarest lobsters in the world, just after split-colored and albino lobsters. So where is Freckles now? Well, they didn't just dump him back into the ocean, because the calico coloring actually makes them pretty easy to spot and setting him free would probably be sending him to his death. So instead, they contacted the Virginia Living Museum...Freckles' new home.

Employees from the museum went to the Red Lobster to collect Freckles. But he first made a stop at a vet to make sure he was okay, and then he had to quaranteen for 30 days to make sure he stayed healthy. He will be part of the museum's public exhibit in its Chesapeake Bay Gallery. If you've never known anyone from Maine in Virginia, you do. Stop by and say hi to Freckles!

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