A man from East Millinocket was out driving on Grindstone road in Stacyville when he spotted three lynx walking over the tall snowbanks along the road. Northern Maine has seen a lot of snow this season so these big cats stood out easily against the white conditions on the road and Rob Michaud was able to capture the moment when the came up over the snowbank to cross the road.

According to Wikipedia, it's rare to see a group of three lynx together as they tend to keep to themselves, but on some occasions small groups will hunt together for deer, rabbits, snowshoe hares, sheep, and a variety of rodents and birds.

That appears to be what these three were doing when they were spotted by Rob. Even as they moved together, you could tell they didn't really like each other as they were a bit defensive and at one point two turn around and cross back over the road letting the reaming lynx continue.

Listen for Rob's dog not let out a full on bark, but quiet woofs as he intently keeps his eyes on the cats that are likely bigger than he is.

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