Wanna sit behind home plate? You'll spend what many shell out for a new vehicle.

Getty Images Kayana Szymczak

After sending both the Yankees, (not sorry, had to include that one) and the Astros to golf courses for fall/winter, the Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series. The demand for tickets is so huge, you'd think this would be the city's first go-round with championships. Truth be told, this will be Boston's (including the Pats, obviously) 21st visit to a championship contest since the turn of the century, per Off The Monster Sports. Yet, this area is as hungry as a city who hasn't sniffed a title for a few decades.

According to Off The Monster, the cheapest seats for game one will be bleacher, as you'd expect. However, would you pay over a grand for the experience? You're going to have to, as tickets are going anywhere from $650- $1,200. If you want to sit behind home late, get ready to fork out $25,000.

Credit: Off The Wall Sports


Play ball indeed.