Casco Bay is the absolute gem of southern Maine. From Phippsburg to Cape Elizabeth, the bay is loaded with exquisite harbors, perfect sailing, endless views, and some of the best seafood you will ever find.

With all that being said, the bay may be best known for its incredible islands. All 136 of them, to be exact. While most are uninhabited, there are plenty that have communities, full property rentals, daily excursions, fine dining, and more.

One of those islands has a little bit of everything...or maybe a lot of everything. It also has an amazing property available to rent.

Located off the coast of Falmouth is the 22-acre Clapboard Island. This little vessel of land features six beaches, walking paths, a deep-water dock, helicopter landing area, and the most perfect beach house imaginable.

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The 13-bedroom, 9-bathroom luxury home was built over 100 years ago by a railroad magnet, and has been restored in an amazing way. The home is loaded with coastal décor and ocean themes. It also features a state-of-art kitchen and pantry, and panoramic views of the island and bay.

Available for rent through, Clapboard Island is the perfect luxury spot for a family reunion, immaculate "friendcation", or the greatest over-the-top romantic getaway you could ever imagine.

Enjoy Casco Bay from the most perfect spot there is, Clapboard Island.

Rent This Stunning Island Property In Maine's Casco Bay

Sitting right in the heart of Maine's incredible Casco Bay lies a true oasis that has a property available for rent.

Clapboard Island is an impressive 22-acre island that features beaches, walking paths, and an immense beach house.

The property is a perfect spot for a luxurious family reunion or friendcation.

The house is available through

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