If there's one thing that will make a person from Maine's blood boil, it's seeing harm done to animals. That's why when a post showed up in a Facebook group for Chesterville Maine Residents and Citizens about some abandoned dogs, it took less than 48 hours for it to go viral.

The original post stated that someone had abandoned two dogs off Stream Road in Chesterville on Sunday or Monday. Those dogs had been spotted by multiple people over the course of several days. As more information began to come together, witnesses reported there could have been up to five dogs who were abandoned on this remote road.

One of those dogs was immediately found and brought to the Franklin County Animal Shelter. Another concerned citizen of Chesterville corralled another one of the dogs and immediately brought her to the vet.

The Animal Control Officer for the area, Dexter Bridges has been diligently working to make sure all the dogs are recovered. If you have any further information on the dogs or can help identify who abandoned these dogs, please contact him at 207-446-0739

A recent update on the Chesterville Group page says that another one of the dogs has been rescued. Unfortunately, the post also states that one dog has been hit by a car in that area.


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