Let's face it, going out for a night is expensive.

The Uber? $40. The dinner? $100. The drinks? That could be $200 plus. Well, not for one New York City tap house...

Tap Haus 33 in New York City does an incredible drink special that I have not been able to find on the Seacoast.

Check this out: $25 ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK BEER.

Now there are some "rules," because unlimited beer for $25 could lead to a LOT of drunk people and perhaps a rowdy scene.

The $25 deal is only available for a few hours on select nights. Still, $25 for six hours of unlimited beer on a Wednesday sounds pretty good to me.

$25 is essentially two beers (plus tip), so you can easily make your money's worth with two drinks.

The Tap Haus 33 in NYC has 40 draft beers to choose from. So forget the two beers...you can try four, five, SIX, all for $25.

Now, where can we do this on the Seacoast?

*Cough, cough* Thirsty Moose, I'm looking at you *cough, cough*.

No? Okay. What about Revolution Taproom in Rochester, New Hampshire?

Seriously, this is a really great idea for any taproom in our area. We on the Seacoast have an incredible selection of well-made craft beers. Instead of going to a brewery, if a local taproom offered this $25 for unlimited beer option, they would make a killing. I, for one, would be there!

If nothing comes from my suggestion around here, Tap Haus 33 is less than five hours away from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Easy date night...kind of.

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