Eve 6 released their first album in almost a decade "Speak In Code" in 2012. If you were a  fan from back in the day, this is an album you most likely would've loved. Unfortunately, between the changing music trends and the increasing difficulty of exposure, a lot of these heritage bands are releasing quality music that gets overlooked by "what's hot" today. The album was fueled by the lead single "Victoria", which sounded like a sure hit to me.

I spoke with Max about a year ago when his new solo album "Honey From the Ice Box" was in it's early stages. Max chose to work with Pledge Music, which targets the fan base in assisting in helping the artist expose their music. Max explained a little more how it works in the interview posted below, he was happy with the overall experience. The new record is well done and although this is clearly Max's project, it includes plenty of those infectious Eve 6 melodies that we've loved over the years, with a slightly more stripped down, jangly sound.

Hear me talk to Max about:

  • His new solo record "Honey From the Ice Box"
  • Getting a matching tattoo with an Eve 6 fan
  • Summerland Tour with Eve 6, Everclear, Soul Asylum and Spacehog (coming to a venue near you!)
  • The future of Eve 6


Check out the new video for "Sports Bar." You will love it, unless a little.....ok, a lot of fake blood might turn your stomach. There were no computer/special effects used in the making of this video.


And now for some classic Eve 6!