The old saying goes, "nothing lasts forever" and apparently that includes the iconic sign in front of Hussey's General Store in Windsor, Maine. The sign, which proclaimed Hussey's to be Maine's largest general store, also maintained three featured items for years now. GUNS, WEDDING GOWNS, COLD BEER. That sign has made Hussey's world famous, shared in memes across the internet and has even led people to seek out Hussey's for a photo op when visiting Maine. So there's absolutely no way they'd change that sign, right? Think again.

Shared on Facebook by Matt James, the new signage in front of Hussey's looks like this. It still features the guns, weddings, cold beer moniker, but it's delivered in a much more subtle way. The question people are already asking is why? Hussey's heard the noise, and took to their Facebook page to respond.

So there it is. The iconic sign WILL be back and in a much more accessible location for people who want to snap photos of Maine's version of the Hollywood sign. We'll all have to give Hussey's a little bit of time to wrap up some construction projects and then Instagram photos can commence once again. GUNS, WEDDING GOWNS, COLD BEER FOREVER!

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