If the impending release of "It" wasn't giving you enough creepy clowns to worry about, this Hollis man has you covered.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

According to a story published by WCSH-6 Wednesday, Waterboro police arrested 31-year-old Corey Berry and charged him with criminal threatening for the creepiest clown sighting yet - wandering down Plains Road, dressed in black, and brandishing a machete. Bizarrely, the machete was reportedly duct-taped to Berry's arm, which was later discovered to be amputated.

There are only a few things out there at terrify me - giant insects, zombie viruses, spicy mayonnaise - you know, standard stuff. Creepy clowns are DEFINITELY on that list, and any time a new story pops up, I cross my fingers that one doesn't end up in my neighborhood.

Let's talk reality, though - wasn't the whole creepy clown fad over last summer? With the speed that we move through trends, I'd have hoped we'd have moved past the dollar-store Pennywise thing. Heck, even fidget spinners are already on their way out.

Can we all just agree that this can finally go away?


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