Jack White managed to both make a lucky couple's wedding while at the same time contribute to its likely demise in an unaired skit from Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The guitarist found himself in the position while making a rare comedic turn for the sketch comedy show where he was also performing on Saturday (Apr. 14).

The skit, which can be viewed above, takes place at a wedding between Dana and Mark, played respectively by SNL cast member Cecily Strong and host John Mulaney. When Doug, the best man (played by Luke Null), steps to the microphone, Mark jokingly warns him not to tell any stories from their days in college to which Doug quips, "Well, there goes my speech." As it turns out, that would've been a much better alternative.

"Mark, you're my best friend, and Dana, you definitely passed the friend test," Doug begins. "Anyway, I'm not great at speeches as you can all hear, but I'd like to sing a song instead." Mark asks if it's one of his "joke songs," which Doug responds with a curt, "No."

Doug then begins to sing the classic '60s soul standard "The Dark End of the Street," which has Mulaney's Mark at first unassumingly praising his friend's voice. However, it quickly becomes clear that it isn't an ode to the newlyweds, but rather an illicit love affair between the best man and the bride, the latter of whom has her own microphone and begins to sing a duet with Null's Doug character.

As the two detail their love for one another in song, with even the lighting guy in on it, another twist is added: there are actually three people involved in the affair, with a third man named Jack. "Who is Jack?" Mark asks, just before White saunters out to play a searing solo on the track. When it winds down, the groom's parents jump in and ask White for a picture together, then have their son take it as Mulaney declares, "Fine ... but after this I want a divorce."

While ultimately left on the cutting room floor, White can take solace in the fact that he's not the first rocker to have an appearance in a sketch cut in recent months; back in December, Dave Grohl played a wizardly wolf man in a skit which didn't make it to air on the night the Foo Fighters performed on the show.

White was on SNL to promote his latest release, Boarding House Reach, from which he played the songs “Over and Over and Over” and “Connected by Love” during the show. The LP landed in the top slot on the Billboard charts when it was released a few weeks back. The guitarist's North American tour in support of the record launches this Thursday (Apr. 19) in his hometown of Detroit, Mich. and goes throughout North America before heading across the pond for shows in the U.K., France and the Netherlands before returning to the States, wrapping up in Franklin, Tenn. on Sept. 22 at the Pilgrimage Festival. You can find a list of all the dates here.

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