Business must be good these days for Shipyard Brewing. According to, the Portland brewery is planning a massive expansion into New Hampshire. The $36 million project is expected to be done by late 2020. The new 100,000 square foot facility is located between Interstate 93 and the Merrimack river, in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

According to the published article, it will be a co-packing facility, with as many as 60 different companies producing at the facility when it opens.

This sounds like great news for both Shipyard, and for New Hampshire. The new location probably means new jobs for residents of the area. And if Shipyard is making such a significant expansion, it must mean that their business is going pretty well! I love their fact, I loved it even before I moved to Portland. They've come a long way since they were founded in 1992!

For more information, click here for the article from Brew Bound.


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