While he might have thought he would get away with it, this guy is definitely not all smiles now.

As reported by WCSH yesterday, surveillance cameras caught an unidentified young man, presumably from the Augusta area, trying to steal nearly $800 dollars worth of teeth whiteners off of the shelves of an Augusta Hannaford. After his attempt was unsuccessful, the man was then seen driving off in an orange Dodge Caliber. Watch WCSH talk you through the story below:

WCSH states that police are unfortunately unsure of both the man's identity, and which Hannaford location the theft took place in (either Whitten Rd or Cony St.). The Augusta Police Department is currently looking for any details anyone can put forward. They also ask that if you do have any information, please contact Officer Todd Nyberg at todd.nyberg@augustamaine.gov.

What on EARTH could all that tooth whitener be for?! Honestly, I've been sitting here and thinking on it, and other than some sort of black market tooth whitener trading ring, I can't come up with a darn thing. However, that might help to explain the wheels. Anyone who's getaway vehicle is bright orange DEFINITELY has something to hide, and isn't doing the best job in looking inconspicuous.


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