The most played song in WCYY's lengthy history is Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" and it has been for quite a few years. The band has been out touring like any other rock band as well, featured on Everclear's Summerland tour on two different occasions. But you can imagine our surprise here when a friend passed along that Lit, yes THAT Lit, currently has the #1 music video on Country Music Television.

Wait, what?

Sure enough, Lit's song "Fast" which is absolutely a full-blown country song is the #1 video on CMT right now. And apparently the band has put together an entire album filled to the brim with country songs. Some members of alt-rock bands have tried this in the past, notably Aaron Lewis of Staind, but we can't remember an entire band, using the same band name that made them famous, transitioning from a rock band to country band.

So take a listen and let us know what you think. Which version of Lit do you like better?

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