There are critical moments in life, momentary decisions that need to be made but could lead to dire consequences. One of those moments happened to a Maine Redditor last night, as they were faced with a biological situation that we can all understand, and at the moment of truth, realized they did not have the proper tools to overcome said situation.

At roughly 8pm on Thursday night, Redditor acatfromyouralley put a desperate post on Maine's Reddit. They were stuck in a porte-potty at a boat launch in Standish, WITHOUT ANY TOILET PAPER. You might be sitting there reading this, thinking, "why didn't they just call a family member, a friend., etc?" That's fair. Maybe this situation was so dire, so unbelievably crude, that only the help of strangers would save the day.

Unfortunately for the "cat", nobody came to the rescue. However, several other Redditors offered up solutions on how to escape this stinky situation without a follow up trip to the ER. And in an update to the initial post this morning, we found out which solution was used.

THEY USED A SOCK. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Thank god for socks. RIP that sock that was used at a boat launch in Standish in a porta-potty without any toilet paper. This is real life.

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