Reddit via _clever_reference_
Reddit via _clever_reference_

For some dreamcatchers are a sacred item, used to protect children and infants from nightmares. Others view dreamcatchers as a commercialized remnant of Native American culture that has survived to this day. Whichever side you may be on, you probably never saw THIS coming.

Shared on Reddit by _clever_reference_, someone spotted a vehicle with a Maine license plate sporting a "redneck dreamcatcher" on the back of their vehicle. And boy, does it live up to any expectations you might have.

The dreamcatcher itself is far from the tradition woven web or net, instead sporting what appears to be a hodgepodge of rope with a pair of women's underwear in the middle. And rather than use traditional items like beads and feathers to hang from the dreamcatcher, indistinguishable beer cans are hanging their instead. We really wonder what kind of dreams are being caught!

UPDATE: Apparently the "redneck dreamcatcher" is a thing on Pinterest. Who knew? Then again, who really wanted to know?


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