Listen to this weeks episode of Spinout for a chance to win the FOUR, 180 gram vinyl re-releases from Joy Division. 

This weeks episode of Spinout will provide a chance for you to win the FOUR, 180 gram vinyl re-releases from Joy Division; their two official studio albums, "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer" as well as the now legendary "Still" and "Substance", containing demos and unreleased tracks. We thank our friends at Rhino/Warner/Factory. Listen out Thursday night 8/27 to find out how to win the 4 records. Runners up will win a copy of the latest version of, "Substance" on CD. 


This is a band that has and will forever have an impact and influence on music. The story of Ian Curtis is one of the great and unfortunate stories in music. From his confusion, illness and panic came a voice and front man that will visit us MAYBE once in a lifetime. Most likely much longer though. Whether up front having musical or health fits in front of a live crowd, or cowering in the backstage not finding the strength or trust in himself to perform, this man was a legend for all of it. Maybe one of rock's most mesmerizing front man of all time. Once you start watching him, you never want to look away. What will he do next? Is he ok?

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The band's story is a classic one. From their location to what was going on with music and the people waiting who refused to be fooled; Joy Division was one of the most honest bands of all time. Their bass player gave birth to a style of playing we've heard a million times since from countless players to follow. Industrial, mechanical, emotional, post-punk, "alternative", disgustingly beautiful... Joy Division is still embraced for even the short time they were with us. Even though three of them would find success beyond their dreams with New Order after Joy Division was done, they would never find the magic they had with Ian Curtis as Joy Division. See it or hear it, you will believe.










The story of Ian Curtis & Joy Division is a delicate one, but master director and photographer, Anton Corbijn did a decent job with this movie. It's amazing to watch. Wonderful scenes and it could only be in glorious black and white. Definitely worth checking out as a source, one version of the story. Looks super intense... cause the whole thing was in real life.