Story Land has been a New England institution for several decades now. So much so, that many people fondly think back on the days when they enjoyed Story Land as a kid. It's a tale that Story Land has heard many times over and it got them thinking that perhaps they should revel in the nostalgia. And coming this June, Story Land plans to do just that.

On Saturday, June 22nd, Story Land will open the gates to their park after hours for an adult-only (21+) nostalgia session. You'll be able to live freely as a child again, including a chance to visit Cinderella in her castle, get your face painted, crush all the popcorn and cotton candy your stomach can handle and of course, hit all of those precious rides! To close out this special event, there will be a Dave Matthews Band cover act called Crush.

The adult-only party at Story Land is scheduled for 6-10pm. If you're enjoying the park with your kids earlier in the day, you'll need to buy a separate ticket for this special event. There will be a presale from March 15th-17th.

Time to find a babysitter and pretend we're all kids again on Saturday, June 22nd.

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