A proliferation of posters seeking young females looking to make extra cash by "dating" older men are popping up on the UNH campus, leaving officials concerned. 

College can be expensive, leaving a lot of students scrambling around in hopes of making extra money to supper their lifestyle. According to the Portland Press Herald, that's exactly why school officials and Durham police are concerned about a series of advertisements that have begun popping up in and around the University of New Hampshire campus.

As seen above, the posters are looking for young females, specifically between the ages of 18-25 for "dates" with older men who will pay them cash to be dinner companions. This concerns police because there is often an implicit belief that paying for an expensive dinner or an expensive date could lead to expectations for more.

Unfortunately for school officials and police, there isn't anything illegal about the posters and if a female students chooses to accept dates with older men through the website, that's their free will. However, they warn that these "dates" or "relationships" can often be difficult to get out of.

The term "sugar daddy" is often defined as a man with money who "takes care" of his younger female companions expenses. However, that financial promise often leads to men controlling the younger women or having power over them. If you see any of these fliers showing up in neighborhoods or college campuses near you, feel free to contact police as a concerned citizen.

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