If you're an animal lover, this could make you cry.


This will be a video that will follow little Canyon Austin for the rest of his life. News Center Maine reported that mom, Emily Austin, went to Boston's Franklin Park Zoo with her 5-month old son Canyon.

She never in a million years thought she was going to have a viral video showing her bonding with Kiki the gorilla, a mother of five. But she did. You can tell that Kiki is absolutely fascinated by little Canyon and at one point in the video shows off HER baby too!


At one point, someone says to put little Canyon's hand to the glass. That's the part where I almost lost it. Kiki is trying to hold the hand! This incredible experience happened at the gorilla exhibit at the Franklin zoo.

Emily, from Jefferson Maine, was holding her son up to the glass and thought it would be kinda cool if Kiki came over. She never thought Kiki would set up camp for five minutes completley fascinated with the baby that slept through it all!

Emily says that it was so loving, and you can tell...it really is. Kiki has 4 daughters and one son and is a Western Lowland Gorilla, native to Central Africa. It's her son Pablo that she brings over to show off to Canyon and Emily. Emily, who was right there says you could see the emotion in Kiki's eyes. Well, if you could see mine right now you'd see some emotion! What a sweet video.



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